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Performed By: Dimitri Illarionov (guitar) & Boris Andrianov (cello)

Artists websites: https://www.illarionov.com/en/bio/  and  https://www.borisandrianov.com/

MUSIC - 'Asturias' by Isaac Albeniz

Music by Isaac Albeniz, 'Asturias'. Performed by: Dimitri Illarionov (guitar) & Boris Andrianov (cello)

A little joy for you from a Flanders Recorder Quartet recording session

Artist website: http://www.flanders-recorder-quartet.be/en/home/

MUSIC - Louis Prima: Sing, sing, sing with a swing (1936)

Music by Louis Prima, Sing, sing, sing. Performed by: Flanders Recorder Quartet

Performed By: Rolston Strings Quartet

Artist website: https://www.rolstonstringquartet.com/bio-rsq

MUSIC - Beethoven String Quartet No.7 in F major Op.59, No.1 - Allegro

Music by Beethoven - String Quartet Op.59, No.1 (Allegro). Performed by: Rolston Quartet

Performed By: Sakura Cello Quintet

Artist website: http://www.sakuracellos.com/

MUSIC - Brahms: FAE Scherzo

Music by Brahms - FAE Scherzo. Performed by: Sakura Cello Quintet

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