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Fullerton Friends of Music (FFM) will be commencing its 65th season of presenting excellent chamber music for free to the listening audience. Sixty-five years is quite a track record for a small non-profit arts organization.

We’ve moved our five concerts to Saturdays at 3:30, utilizing a convenient church location in Fullerton who’ve been very welcoming. The November 18th concert will be at Fullerton First United Methodist Church. We have five unique groups to delight your listening pleasure. Be sure to click on the tab to view the season and listen to some of their past performances. If you’re on the mailing list, you will receive the season brochure later this summer.

Fullerton Friends of Music depends on volunteers to continue giving our audience outstanding performances.  This cannot be done without volunteers in all capacities in the organization. FFM has a six member executive board with several positions vacant or soon to be vacant.  

The FFM has five concerts a season and needs volunteers to assist in the venue lobby at each performance to hand out programs, answer questions, assist with sale of the musicians’ CDs. Once a year, a mailing team takes about 3 hours to complete the pre-season annual mailing.

The Executive Board needs to fill a vice president vacancy. The individual is a back-up for the president. The individual is responsible for having the program, prepared by the artistic director, printed and delivered to the venue the day of performance or earlier to another of the Board members if more convenient.  

Currently, there is a need for a publicity person to issue press releases to Fullerton Observer newspaper and to post concert info to the OC Spark website.  (Computer knowledge is necessary.)  FFM also needs a back-up for the membership chair who will train the individual (a knowledge of Microsoft Excel is necessary).  Treasurer needs a backup. Individual must have accounting knowledge and will be trained by the Treasurer on creating budget/ balance sheets on a quarterly basis.

If anyone is interested in volunteering for any of these positions, please contact us or send an email to: .  To keep the organization viable, we need to have additional volunteers in these areas this season.  

We look forward to welcoming our audience and know you will truly enjoy the season that has been developed for our 65t
h season.  

For donations and how to be a member please click here.

Fullerton Friends of Music is a tax-exempt, non-profit oraganization dedicated to providing live music concerts featuring professional chamber music ensembles and artists, free of charge to the public.

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