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Previous Concert Seasons

65th Season, 2023/24


65th Season, 2023/24


Praised for their ‘symbiotic playing’, ‘pervasive lyricism' and their ‘powerful yet poetic playing’, the De Maeyer - Kende duo is being recognized as one of the leading musical duos in Europe.


65th Season, 2023/24

Orchestra Collective of Orange County

With Steve Thachuck

Founded in 2016 by veterans of the Southern California classical music scene, we believe that collaboration and self-governance can and will yield amazing results, both artistically and otherwise.


65th Season, 2023/24

Neave Piano Trio

The group’s 2019 album Her Voice, on Chandos Records, was named one of the best recordings of the year by both The New York Times and BBC Radio 3. 


65th Season, 2023/24

Valencia Baryton Project

 A cross between the viol da gamba and lirone, with 10 resonating and plucked strings down the back of the instrument, the baryton gives the traditional string trio an entirely new dimension.


65th Season, 2023/24

Italian Saxophone Quartet

The Italian Saxophone Quartet was founded in 1982 by four saxophone soloists, close friends determined to join together to perform chamber music for saxophone at the very highest artistic level.

64th Season, 2022/23


64th Season, 2022/23

Fire and Grace with

Flamenco Dancer Fanny Ara

This unique duo explores the connective musical elements of classical, folk, and contemporary traditions from around the world.


64th Season, 2022/23


Quintet has established itself as a vibrant chamber ensemble performing wind quintet masterworks, adapting beloved music to their instrumentation, and championing new works by today's composers.

Mirror Visions.jpeg

64th Season, 2022/23

Mirror Visions Ensemble

Was founded from a desire to explore the relationship between music and text, initially through the creation of "mirror visions" - settings of the same text to music by different composers.

Beo String Quartet brick wall horiz.JPG

64th Season, 2022/23

Beo String Quartet

By crafting original music and projects, engaging listeners through entertainment and thoughtful demonstration, collaborating with living composers, performing quartet masterpieces in a wide array of settings, and exploring technology's capacity as a musical and social tool.

Black Oak Ensemble 1650.JPEG

64th Season, 2022/23

Black Oak Ensemble

The string trio, Black Oak Ensemble is one of the most innovative and exciting  chamber ensembles on the international stage.

63rd Season, 2021/22

62nd Season, 2020/21

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